Mindfulness for Mums

Whether you are 16 weeks pregnant or 16 years postpartum- Emma is here to help!

I discovered the Magic of Mindfulness in 2017 during my recovery journey from Postnatal depression and anxiety after my first born. It Changed my life so much, that I trained as a mindfulness practitioner, with the aim to support as many mums as possible.

Emma Martin

Mindfulness services / support for mums.

I believe that all mothers deserve support, wherever they are in the parenting journey. Mindfulness for wellbeing is just as relevant in pregnancy, as it is in the newborn fog, the throes of toddlerhood or when raising school age children and teenagers.

When we become a mum, we prioritise our children and our life can revolve around their needs, I encourage women to remember that their own needs are also important, and teach mindfulness tools and techniques that can make a difference to wellbeing in just a few moments. I know how busy life can be as a parent, and I aim to teach practical and effective practices to help support busy mums who need a boost.

I’d like to mention here that you are NOT failing if you are struggling, motherhood can be hard, and your feelings, thoughts and emotions are valid. I’m sure that you are doing your absolute best, and that is ALWAYS enough, sometimes we just need a helping hand or two to feel a little more balanced in our lives. I aim to help build up confidence and calm with all of my clients, to give more of a sense of control.

Mindfulness is often recommended by health professionals to treat mild depression , anxiety and stress – I would always advise talking to your GP, or midwife if you have concerns about your mental health or emotional wellbeing. They can advise if they think mindfulness is suitable for you. Many of my clients with mental health struggles attend my courses or workshops alongside therapies such as CBT or counselling, Please consult the list of mental health helplines here if you’d like further support or guidance. Pandas foundation offer support to mums and their families for pre and postnatal depression and illness, and can help give advice as to how to approach your GP, or ask to be referred to the perinatal team if appropriate.

3 Week courses for Mums- Back by popular demand!

Join me at this dreamy venue for 3 weeks of wellbeing, self care and mindfulness magic. Courses are kept small to allow every mama a safe and non judgemental space to feel heard or supported. From pregnancy through to 16 years postpartum, the course is designed to give you some well deserved ‘me time’ as well as equip you with easy to learn skills to continue the teachings at home.

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Monthly guided relaxation / meditation classes

Join me for 30 minutes of deep relaxation, suitable for beginners and those with a regular mindfulness practice. Open to all adults aged 18+ . These are run on a pay what you can basis, as I believe that Mindfulness should be accessible to all who need it regardless of income.

I will guide you through different styles of meditation to help you go deep within, and work on that ‘mind muscle’ that helps us to process our thoughts, take away self judgement, and allow us to relax.

Please note that Mindful meditation is unsuitable for those experiencing active psychosis or flashbacks. Please consult a medical professional if you are unsure.

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Join myself and the lovely Laura from Yo Mamas for the ultimate restorative and replenishing experience. Watch this space for the next new dates and themes following our hugely successful November 2021 Retreat dates.