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Foreward by Emma Martin:

I first came across Emma in 2019 when she was looking for ambassadors for her Wellbeing ‘zine, ‘Isabella and Us.’ Emma began the magazine whilst struggling with postnatal depression, and having suffered myself, I really wanted to support Emma and be a part of it! Fast forward to now, and I’ve been writing the Meditation scripts for the ‘zine for over a year now and absolutely love sitting down with a cuppa and reading through the beautiful articles. So here she is…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Emma, 30, from Lancashire. I am mum to Isabella, who is three, wife to Chris and also cat mum to our three cats; Pippin, Luna and Betty. Alongside running my business Isabella and Us. I also work as a full time teacher at a local College. I am passionate about the importance of self care, although I find practicing this hard. At the weekends I enjoy spending time in nature and going for walks and also a TV series binge. 

What does Mindfulness mean to you?

For me, mindfulness is about being present and allowing yourself to have that that to just be in the moment. I am someone who likes to be busy, I’ve had to learn how to rest and be more present with my daughter. I’ve started small, with spending less time on my phone, working less at a weekend and focusing on the moment we are in, at that moment.

Why did you want to become involved in the ‘Mindfulness in a box’ project?

I’m really excited to be sharing Mindfulness in a box with the Isabella and Us. Community and the first 50 people who pre-ordered Issue 12 (out in May 2021) will receive one of the Mindfulness Affirmation Cards with their copy of the magazine.

How do you incorporate self care into your busy week?

I share a lot about the importance of self care through my business, Isabella and Us. but in all honesty I find it really hard to practice it, all of the time. I’ve had to learn that this is okay but one of things that helps me to do at least one self care practice each day is knowing the impact of when I haven’t made that time. So to help, I try to keep it simple. My ‘go to’ rituals are Spinning – we were lucky enough to hire a bike from the place we go to normally, so this has meant I can Spin as many times a week as I like. Going for weekly walks is really important for me to support my wellbeing, it’s even better if I can go daily but this isn’t always possible, but getting out, even just for a short walk around the block.One self care practice I use each day is using my essential oils in the diffuser every night. This really helps me have better quality sleep, which with a toddler is everything. 

How do you balance running your business with being a mum?

I’ve learnt over the past three years since becoming a mum, running my business and also working full time as a teacher, that some weeks there feels like there is more balance and other weeks there isn’t. I’ve learnt to lower my expectations of what I can achieve, plan in time for when I will work and what needs doing. It’s not perfect but for now it works. 

What is your favourite quote / best words of encouragement that you’ve received this year?

I think the best words of encouragement come from my husband. He reminds me why I do what I do. He got me some flowers for mother’s day and the message read ‘you are always winning as a mummy’. Winning as a mummy is the phrase I’ve used since starting Isabella and Us. and it means a lot to the journey we have been on and the community that has been built.


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Emma Cottam, is the founder and owner of Isabella and Us., editor of the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums and host of the Positive Wellbeing Podcast for Mums. After having her daughter Isabella, Emma suffered from Post-natal Depression and since has been passionate about helping to raise awareness of maternal mental health, through her #winningasamummy® campaign and through promoting positive wellbeing in mum

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