Mindfulness in a box, the concept and how it can help.

Our wellbeing is important, now more so than ever. Working in the Mental health sector, I am witnessing first hand the effects of the pandemic and the impact that our stress in our lives can have on us. 
I love nothing more than helping people, and I was truly gutted when I had to stop running my face to face courses for mums and in schools. I wanted to continue to spread the magic of mindfulness, because I know how much it has helped my own mental health, aswell as so many others who have discovered the many benefits of mindful living. So the idea of ‘Mindfulness in a box’ was born.

I am a HUGE fan of self care, and I absolutely love discovering new ways to look after myself as a busy mum. I often incorporate my mindfulness practice into every day activities, and want to show you how you can do the same. I’ve been on the receiving end of overwhelm, burnout and anxiety, so I know first hand how much Mindfulness can help to add a sense of relaxation and calm. Mindfulness is proven to help with a range of both physical and Mental health conditions, and is now recommended within several NHS trusts. You don’t need hours on end to sit and meditate, but a couple of minutes each day to ‘practice’ and help you build up a lifelong skill. Mindfulness has certainly given me more resilience, patience and gratitude, and after the challenging year that we’ve all just faced, I hope that you can discover it’s life-changing benefits too!

The idea behind the mindfulness in a box concept, is that it comes with everything you need to have a mindful moment within your daily routine, and to encourage you to press the ‘pause’ button once in a while. In the full sized boxes, there is an instruction brochure which gives an easy to follow guide on making the contents into a micro moment of mindfulness. For example the yummy chocolate becomes a mindful eating experience, the scented candle aids meditation, and the face and body cleansing soap becomes a mindful massage. 

Sustainability is really important to me, being pregnant for the 2nd time around , I wanted to do what I could to reduce our household waste and took the plunge into cloth nappies, reusable wipes and several simple swaps such as reusable coffee cups and bars of soap. Therefore when launching the box, I wanted to find suppliers who shared these values, and support local businesses wherever possible. So after some lengthy discussions about how we could make it work, and timeframes, I am excited to bring you the first of ‘Mindfulness in a Box’ launches, ahead of Mothers day 2021! Each box is packed in fully recyclable cardboard, with wood wool and eco kraft tape and therefore cutting out any single use plastic on it’s journey into your home. I not only wanted these boxes to be kind to your mind, but kind to the planet too! 

So whether you are looking to give yourself the gift of relaxation, or give someone you love a boost to their wellbeing, you’ve come to the right place! 

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